LR Global believes Frontier Markets are positioned to be the engines of growth for the global economy. Favorable demographics, privatization of state-owned enterprises, huge infrastructure needs, improving macroeconomic stability, increasing remittance flows and foreign direct investment, among other factors, have led to rapid economic growth and broadening middle class prosperity.

Investing in frontier markets can be difficult due to the lack of transparency, capital controls and regulations, the logistics of setting up local accounts, and hard to access investment opportunities. Also, without local relationships it is difficult to decipher perception versus reality.

LR Global has been investing in Frontier Markets for over 15 years and has developed the infrastructure and relationships to convert these obstacles into an opportunity. Our strategy is to continue to expand our current infrastructure to support a growing platform of products across the Frontier Markets. The product set will take advantage of cross-platform opportunities from one fund to another. Combined with our global research team and proprietary databases, we believe this model will deliver above average returns throughout all of our funds. We believe this platform approach helps reduce overall business risk by offering multiple lines of fee generation versus a one product firm. The substantial operational leverage in the platform provides the potential for significant returns.